Apollo Tyres Information

Apollo Tyres is considered to be the world's 17th biggest tyre manufacturer with annual revenue of INR 141 billion as reported in the year 2017. The company was founded in the year 1972 as a public limited company. The initial founders were Raunaq Singh, Mathew T. Marattukalamand Jacob Thomas of Raunaq International Pvt. Ltd. It was promoted by Bharat Steel Tubes Ltd. The first tyre producing plant was built in Peramba, Kerala, India. Apart from owning 4 tyre manufacturing units in India, Apollo has 1 plant in Hungary and Netherlands as well. The company focuses on producing automobile tubes and tyres as well as conveyor belts.

Apollo Tyre Types

Apollo engages mainly to supply high-end tyres for 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers. It provides ideal tyres suitable for rugged Indian roads. Apollo manufactures tyres according to every vehicle genre.
Apollo Tyres can be categorized into the following types:

  • All season Tyres - The Apollo Alnac 4G all season has been manufactured to suit the basic needs of the people. These tyres offer safety and reliability while driving, during all the seasons. You would not require specific tyres for summer or winter when you have these fitted to your car
  • Winter Tyre - This tyre is designed to provide services during the severe winter conditions. The fusion of flattened shoulder spikes along with the central straight spikes facilitates safe handling of straight roads as well as round bends.
  • Run-flat tyres - This type of tyre is designed to ensure safety when you are driving at a high speed. Made with silica-based tread material, it is equipped with a superior road grip on both dry and wet roads. And the best thing? It will produce very little noise even when you are darting your car on the highways.
  • 4X4 tyres - Fast accurate steering control on slush and mud with robustness during on-road application. If your 4WD vehicle is inbuilt with these tyres then you don’t need to worry about driving on rough terrains. These tyres are designed to combat stones and gravel, so they are not going to wear out easily.
  • Radial tyres - Apollo Tyres launched its series of truck and bus radial tyres under the name of ‘Regal’.Radial tyres are fabricated to render additive grip to give you a safe and happy driving experience.

Apollo Tyre Models

Let us check out the various tyre models offered by Apollo

  • Amazer - This range, claimed to be one of the best is developed jointly by Apollo’s centers of India, Netherlands, and Enscheda. It runs up to a distance of 100,000 km and more easily
  • Alnac - Tyres are the most essential element of a vehicle as they are the source of contact between the road and your car. These tyres are manufactured in such a way to make your vehicle feel to be more grounded at high speeds.
  • Aspire - These tyres are manufactured keeping in mind the harsh summers. But don’t worry, these tyres will deliver their versatile performance in both wet and dry conditions.
  • Apterra - These are also summer tyres apt for SUV'S and 4X4 segments. This tyre is made up of multipolymer compound to ensure your safety even when riding at a high speed.
  • Quantum - Apollo introduced tyres of quantum range, especially for vans. These provide robust performance and lasts longer.

Apollo Tyre Sizes

Apollo Tyre sizes vary from 13 inches to 21 inches. In simpler words, there's a tyre size apt for every vehicle. The most popular sizes are 15, 16 and 17 inches as they can be equipped with numerous vehicles, preferably cars and bikes. As for the cases of SUVs and 4X4, 20 inches tyre are perfect for these.

Apollo Tyre Prices

Apollo Tyre price is directly proportional to the model type and the number of facilities it provides. As for the Apollo Amazer model, prices start from Rs. 2250 and goes up to Rs. 4800. The Alnac model is a bit pricier than the Amazer, the maximum price is of Rs. 5654. The Aspire and the Apterra ranges are made for heavy-duty vehicles and thus provide additive support. You can get both these models at an individual price of Rs. 9000, but if you want additional longevity and robustness you may have to spend around Rs. 17,700.

Apollo Tyre warranty

Apollo promises an unconditional warranty of 2 years, it will bear the repair costs of your tyre. But it also assures a 5-year warranty under certain circumstances. it will only take charge of your repair costs if your puncture is nonrepairable.

Where to buy Apollo tyres in India?

You can purchase Apollo Tyres from any outlet near your place. Just search for the Apollo tyre showroom by using the showroom locator available on the official website. There you can check out the various models displayed and then pick accordingly. You can find a splendid stock of Apollo tyres at the local dealer nearest to your location. There will be several apollo tyre dealers scattered across every corner of the Indian cities. There is also an option to buy Apollo Tyres online if you are sure about the model and size of the Tyre. You can find several websites that offer reliable services and the best prices.