Yokohama Tyres Information

Yokohama Rubber Co. Ltd was founded in 1917. Since its establishment, Yokohama has made its name in various products like tyres, some industrial products, golf products etc. Yokohama is the trusted company and the intent of enriching and contributing the lives of the people around the world. Yokohama has made a lot of investment in the technology, production, and sales.

Yokohama Tyre Types

Yokohama mainly manufactures tyres for the passenger cars, vans, trucks, industrial and commercial vehicles and also buses. The company offers a wide range of tyres to choose from there customer.

  • All season tyres - These are for all seasons you can travel anywhere in any season with this tyre. They have the longest life and are more durable.
  • Off-road tyres - These have wide grooves and deep tread which gives you more stability. You can travel anywhere either in mud, gravel, sand, dirt nothing will happen to your tyres. They are safe to travel unconditional roads and this tyre will not harm your car.
  • Winter tyres - These will help you in the winter season. If you use them in winter then you can travel safely over ice and slurry with a firm surface grip and stability.

Yokohama Tyre Models

Yokohama has the wide range of models and its quality for most of them is same. But due to some conditions, there is the change in model and its quality.

Here are few models:

  • A drive AA01 - These tyres have nice traction and there is a superior handling aspect. It gives the impressive performance in the wet surface and keeps the driving stability. It has silica component which makes it highly durable.
  • C drive A539 - These tyres are based on advanced silica technology. There is a exceptional stability while taking the turns. A much better grip on a water surface.
  • Earth 1E400 - These tyres are personally designed for Indian roads. It has the combination of traction, durability, and comfort. It has solid construction for long life. You can use this tyres on a highway and also in cities. It has arrow grooves which give good grip on wet roads.
  • BluEarth AE50 - It is an environmentally friendly tyre. It gives proper grip and handling. It has double silica tread which makes it exceptional for the wet surfaces and for dry grip. It has Noise Control Pitch which makes it very quiet and comfortable for the ride.
  • Geolander SUV - This tyres are designed for SUV cars and mostly for highways. It gives the comfortable ride and there is a fuel efficiency. It is made with the nylon cover layer which is used to reduce the noise pollution and this improves the tread life. It has the dolphin grooves which are effective at braking and also on wet surfaces.

Yokohama Tyre Sizes

The size of the Yokohama tyres starts from the 13 inch to 20 inches. So many vehicles can make use of the Yokohama tyres as they are suitable for all. 14 inches to 17 inches tyres are mostly used in the passenger cars. Yokohama manufactures tyres for the SUVs mostly and they are undoubtedly among the best. For SUV 20 inches tyres are required for a superior performance.

Yokohama Tyre Prices

Prices of the tyres depending on the model that is suitable for your car. If you want tyres which should be suitable anywhere then their price is high and it starts from Rs.13,000 to Rs.27,000. If you are looking for wheels for industrial or commercial trucks then their prices are more than Rs 40,000 but they have the best quality. The cheapest price of the tyre is Rs. 2,950 which is used in passenger cars.

Yokohama Tyre warranty

Every tyre of the Yokohama comes with a replacement warranty. Its warranty depends on which type of tyre you want. Most of the tyres have a warranty of 72 months ie 3 years if the tread is exposed. If the tread is below 1.6mm then you will get replacement and proof of purchase is needed. If your tyres are damaged due to improper use then you will not get a replacement.

Where to buy Yokohama tyres in India?

If you wish to check out the complete range of wheels, then visiting a Yokohama tyre showroom near you would be the best decision. Yokohama wheels are easily available at the nearest Yokohama Tyres dealer. No matter where you reside, you can find them in any location throughout the country. When you can easily buy Goodyear Tyres online, why bother to venture outdoors. Moreover, you can also avail the coolest deals and offers all throughout the year too.