CEAT Tyres Information

Founded in 1958, CEAT is one of Rs 22,000-crore RPG Enterprises. Its headquarters is in Mumbai. CEAT has ten outsourcing units for tyres and other products. CEAT controls 2-3 wheeler plants too. CEAT tyres are exported to Africa, Asia, Australia, and the USA. CEAT network supplies to the whole of India. There are 36 regional offices, more than 3,500 dealers, and over 100 C&F agents. About fifty service engineers provide after-sales services at four divisional offices. CEAT Ltd. manufacturing unit is certified with ISO /TS16949 for its high-quality management.

CEAT Tyre Types

CEAT is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in India and one of the most sought-after brands in the global market. It makes a wide range of tyres for two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and four-wheelers as well as commercial vehicles like trucks, earthmovers, forklifts, tractors, and trailers.
Here are the different types of CEAT tyres:

  • Cars/SUV - Most durable tyres fall in this category. However, tyres have to provide a good grip on the landscape on both wet and dry surfaces. Some of these tyres help in saving fuel while some are even provided with wet and dry braking. Cars with wet and dry grip offer comfortable rides.
  • For Motorcycles - With excellent grip and stopping power, CEAT motorcycle tyres have a unique designed tread pattern. Tyres used are for safety and good control over the vehicle. These provide confident gripping capabilities for a comfortable ride and safe drive.
  • For Scooters - Tyres for scooters are made with advanced polymers for enhanced wet gripping. These are durable ones with super handling to offer an enduring grip on smooth and rugged terrains.

CEAT Tyre Models

All CEAT car tyre models are shown below,

  • CZAR (A/T, HP, and Sport) - This model enables car owners to drive on rugged and smooth landscapes. Drive and ride in cars fitted with these tyres are comfortable. Tyres are durable having wet and dry gripping. Drivers have complete control over the vehicle at all seasons.
  • FORMULA-I STEEL BT - Tyres are durable and strong offering confident grip. They offer effortless roll resistance that saves fuel consumption.
  • FUELSMARRT - Tyre consumes less fuel so owners can save more per mile. Tyres provide confident handling, good wet and dry gripping.
  • GRIPP LN - Tyres have wet and dry gripping providing safe drive and comfortable ride.
  • MILAZE (SUV, X3) - Special long-lasting tyres offer a comfortable, smooth and long ride. MILAZE X3 is even capable of travelling around the world twice. Tyres provide comfortable, smooth, long ride. Tyres have wet and dry gripping and braking.
  • STEEL PLUS - Durable, long life tyre provides a confident grip. Its high load capacity enables owners to load their cars.

CEAT Tyre Sizes

Every tyre model is sold in specific sizes. Each model is made to be compatible with a certain make of the car. CZAR A/T is sold in three sizes - 215/75R15 Tubeless, 245/70R16 Tubeless, and 265/65R17 Tubeless. The mentioned sized tyres are compatible with six car models including Ford Endeavour, Mitsubishi Montero, Toyota Fortuner, and Toyota Prado.

CEAT Tyre Prices

The prices depend on tyre’s model and size variants. (Write the price range based on vehicles (Bike, car,.....) , i.e CEAT bike tyre price starts from…). While the Milaze series starts from a price of about INR 1500, the Milaze X3 starts from INR 2245. The Fuel Smarrt and GRIPP LN ranges are priced at INR 2650 – 3203 and above. The Milaze LT series comes at a higher price point of INR 3250 whereas, the Rhino range of tyres is the most expensive, starting at INR 4791 and going up to nearly INR 6000.

CEAT Tyre warranty

CEAT tyres for cars come with a 60-month warranty. CEAT tyres for motorcycle and scooter come with a 72-month warranty. However, the warranty holds good only for the first owner of the vehicle. Buyers of used cars will not be able to avail the warranty.

Where to buy CEAT tyres in India?

You can buy CEAT tyres for your car from CEAT tyres showroom. All of the major Indian cities have got numerous CEAT showrooms which stock the full range of CEAT tyres. Tyres dealers present in every corner of the country deal with CEAT tyres. So you can simply locate the nearest CEAT tyre dealer from where you are, and contact them. Today, CEAT tyres can readily be ordered online. The process is simple and quick and you can avail great deals on prices of buying CEAT tyres online.